Custom Length Resin Drip Candlestick Cover: Charcoal
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Custom Length Resin Drip Candlestick Cover: Charcoal

Do you have a problem with beeswax covers melting?  Try our NEW RESIN DRIP COVERS.  They have a VERY SIMILAR LOOK TO OUR BEESWAX COVERS and will solve the problem!

Don't order "stock size" resin drip candlestick covers when you can have them CUSTOM MADE to YOUR size specification at a fraction of the cost? Our beautiful resin drip covers are made to YOUR size  and color specifications in our West Palm Beach facility. You'll be sure to get exactly what you want and need for your fixture.


Our selection of styles and finishes is unmatched anywhere! Our CUSTOM MADE resin drip candlestick covers are the perfect "finishing touch" for your chandelier or wall sconces! Why order "Stock" covers that have been pre-made and don't REALLY fit? Order from Let There Be Lighting and have them CUSTOM MADE FOR LESS!!!


Again, compare our prices and SAVE!!! (Available sizes are: 7/8" Diameter (for candleabra base bulbs) and 1-1/4" Diameter (for edison base bulbs). Lengths: up to 6". -- please specify when ordering). ).(For best results, please measure lengths to ensure the bulb DOES NOT touch the candlestick)

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Custom Length Resin Drip Candlestick Cover: Charcoal

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